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Diagnostic Mindset

Dr. Giliola Spattini and Diagnostic Mindset

Dr. Spattini published introduce Diagnostic Mindset

Diagnostic Mindset is an innovative project aimed at providing access to high-quality, up-to-date and well organized material to improve the skills and knowledge of veterinarians all over the world.

With Diagnostic Mindset, Dr. Giliola Spattini, founder and supporter of the initiative, aims to provide hands-on training and advanced diagnostic imaging tools. She also hopes to create a community of veterinarians interested in saving animals’ lives by improving their -and their colleagues’- skills and knowledge.

Resources and professional materials on diagnostic imaging, which have often been difficult to find, are now available online, accessible to everyone and everywhere.


Join like-minded professionals and discover joys in diagnostic imaging, achieving excellence, having fun and forging strong professional networks, while helping the animals under your care. Enjoy expanding your knowledge about diagnostic imaging while having fun.


According with highest international certifications, with professionalism, ethics and responsibility, we offer cutting-edge, interactive and organized training resources. The resources are available to all professionals in order to have a long-term positive impact on the veterinary profession and on animal welfare.



Excellence is not only an intention to improve, but as a fundamental starting point. Thanks to Dr. Spattini’s deep experience and professionalism, the Diagnostic Mindset project rests on undisputed quality foundations and aims to offer material and support that meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and innovation.



Wonder and surprise are fundamental keys for continuous evolution and improvement. This is why Diagnostic Mindset was born first of all as a fertile ground for making new experiences, accessing material of profound interest and innovative. To experience the veterinary profession with an enthusiastic explorer approach.

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Passion for animals and their lives brings great responsibilities and difficult times. But also immense, deep and pervading joys. It is on joy that we want to emphasize and on how learning even difficult methods and concepts can be translated into simpler and more joyful terms. Being happy while learning: for Diagnostic Mindset this is a very important goal.

About Dr. Giliola Spattini

Giliola Spattini graduated with an honor in Veterinary Medicine in 1998 from Parma University. She worked for two years in a referring private practice in Italy.

In 2001 She joined the Queen Mother Hospital at the Royal Veterinary College (London) to start a residency program in Diagnostic Imaging under the supervision of Christopher R. Lamb.

She integrated her residency with externships at Tufts, Penn, Bern, and Liege. She was junior docent at Uppsala and Utrecht Universities.

In 2008 She obtained the Diploma of the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (ECVDI).

In 2009 She discussed her Ph.D. thesis at the Department of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging at Parma University.

Since 2008 has been working with sport medicine experts on ultrasonography of the limbs in sportive dogs at Clinica Veterinaria Castellarano. She has been the secretary of the European Association of Diagnostic Imaging.

She has been the president of the Italian Society of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (SVIDI), and currently, she is the president of the European teleradiology subcommittee for the ECVDI.

She has published in national and international journals. She has contributed to three books on Diagnostic imaging and has been the editor for others.

She loves to teach in continuous post-graduate education (CPD) in Italy and around the world.

She is the director of the diagnostic imaging section of Clinica Veterinaria Castellarano in Italy, and she works as a consultant for Antech (USA) and Mylav (IT).

In 2021 she joined the scientific committee of BluVet. She lives in the Apennine Mountains and loves nature and art.