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Diagnostic Mindset

French bulldog 5 years thorax sx

The tracheal diameter in brachiocephalic dogs is smaller than in not brachiocephalic dogs. Which ratio can be used to check if the diameter of the trachea is in the normal […]

French bulldog 5 years thorax dx

Due to the shape of the thoracic spine, every Frenchy has a slightly different shape of the thorax, but all tend to have a too-small thoracic cavity.

Galgo 5 years thorax sagittal

These patients are born athletic. A mildly prominent right side of the cardiac silhouette can be expected. It is too difficult to remember all the normal anatomical variations!

Galgo 5 years thorax dx

Check the angle between the thoracic vertebral column and the trachea. This angle is more prominent in deep-chested patients than in shallow thorax patients.

Golden 5 years thorax sagittal

In the sagittal view, there is a not-perfect superimposition between the sternum and the thoracic vertebral column. Usually, there is an acceptance of a 10-degree angle, but ideally, these two […]

Golden 5 years thorax sx

In this projection, there is no rotation, but the front limbs are not perfectly superimposed. Perfection is so tricky! Remember: images must be of diagnostic quality, not perfect, but why […]

Golden 5 years thorax dx

In this projection, the costochondral junctions are perfectly aligned. The dorsal portion of the thorax is moderately rotated, probably because the patient is mildly tense and is contracting the dorsal […]

Beagle 5 Years Thorax Sx

It’s time to take the radiograph of the beagle. Really? What a shame that I’m so busy at the moment! The best way to create an enemy.