Boxer 7 years thorax sagittal

Which are the trick to differentiate a right lateral view from a left lateral view? Subscribe to pro for the answer!

French bulldog 7 years thorax dx

Hemivertebrae are a common finding in the brachiocephalic breed. Name three that tend to have this condition. Subscribe to pro for the answer!

Domestic Short Hair 7 Years Thorax Dx

If the cat is quite thin and there is some gas in the cervical esophagus, it is not rare to be able to see the aortic arch. How can I differentiate this normal condition from a pneumomediastinum? Subscribe to pro for the answer!

Pincher 7 Years Thorax Sagittal

In this breed, York Shire, Chihuahua, and Westy, there is more visible lung in the sagittal images than on the lateral projections.